Worksite Wellness Programs Utilize Employee Health Screenings

Health screening is a growing trend in the corporate world providing employees with better quality of health. The health care programs as a part of employee wellness are implemented through health screenings, immunization and spreading awareness on health problems and rising medical costs.

The screening encourages employees to opt for a lifestyle change and discover any risk that the employee might suffer, such as chronic illness, heart check, osteoporosis and stroke.

Prior to the screenings, employees fill in the information sheets mentioning their age, sex and family history of health issues. The screening takes only a few minutes and the employees could get their results within minutes of the screening. A health professional offers counseling for the employees and post-screening on potential health problems. A customized wellness program is offered to the employees facing health issues.

Wellness screenings help in detecting an illness in its early stages and through the wellness programs, the illness can be tackled. Screenings are performed in companies to find specific health risks. Some of health screenings are blood pressure checks, cholesterol screenings for HDL, LDL and Triglycerides, blood sugar screenings fasting and non-fasting to track diabetes.

Other types include body mass index, screening of bone density to discover any potential case of osteoporosis, vision checks, mammography for keeping in check any risk of breast cancer and other health screenings depending on the needs and groups of employees.

Investment in employee wellness programs and screenings are important and have positive results. The health screenings bring benefits to the employees as well as the companies providing the wellness programs. Through the effectiveness of the health screenings, the employees’ productivity is increased, absenteeism reduced, morale boosted and ever-increasing health care costs decreased.

For an organization to succeed in the corporate world, out of the many requirements is the need of a healthy labor force. A work force with high productivity increases the longevity and success of a business organization. Health screenings are the best initiatives the company can take to secure and maintain the health of its employees.

Along with other employee wellness programs that cater to stress management, finance management, relationship management, family and other issues, health screening make employees understand themselves and the needs of their bodies. These screenings help the employees to make the required changes as recommended by the results of the screenings and professional counselors and doctors.

As wellness screenings provide employees an idea of their health status and the changes they should make to improve it, helps them spend less on their insurance cost and save money on overall medical cost. Healthy employees will enjoy a decreased premium on health insurance. Employee wellness programs, through their health screenings, promote a healthy lifestyle among the employees and reduce the mental stress that they go through for the rise in medical cost.

Health screenings offer a variety of answers for the health care initiatives and requirements in accordance with the specific health needs of an employee. Screenings help the employees in leading a healthier, profitable and more productive life.

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You Have More Control Over Your Health Than You Might Realize

This article is inspired by a book excerpt I read in the February 2010 issue of Wired magazine. The excerpt is from a new book titled The Decision Tree: Taking Control of Your Health in the New Era of Personalized Medicine and it is primarily about using decision trees to help you make better choices when making health related decisions. While the decision tree information was somewhat interesting and could be very useful to some people, it was the introductory information that really struck a nerve and made me want to write about this topic.

Towards the beginning of the excerpt, the author discusses health as we age and states, “because the stakes are so high and the options so dizzying, we may stop engaging with our health altogether. We let doctors and insurance companies decide our care, and we focus our energies on what we can control – our bank accounts, our relationships, but not, alas, our health.” He then goes on to explain that health is really determined a combined sum of our genetics and all of our actions, or in his words, “All of these inputs create one primary output unique to us alone: our health, for good or ill.”

Then the following sentence, which really got my attention is, “This means we have more control over our health than we might have thought.” First I want to say that I certainly agree with the author’s statements as I have encountered numerous people who stopped taking care of their health and others who believed it was just too much effort to live a healthy lifestyle. However, I have been immersed in health and fitness for so long that I sometimes forget that many people don’t realize how much their daily actions really do affect their health and overall quality of life.

In truth, I wanted to write about this because the thought that it is common for people to think their health is out of their control is very bothersome to me. For the vast majority of my life I have always taken the viewpoint that we have control over virtually every aspect of our health and fitness. While genetics and life experiences (accidents, injuries, etc.) certainly affect our situations, we almost always have the power to determine if our body improves or declines from its current state.

For me this realization came early on in life when I was 7 and developed a bad hip infection that ate away the ball of my femur and left me with a fused hip. At that time I was told that I had to work really hard during rehab and keep up with my exercises if I wanted to avoid spending the rest of my life in a wheelchair. This was all the motivation I needed to work hard and as a result I regained the ability to walk and I was eventually able to participate in almost any activity I wanted. This experience showed me how much influence we really do have on our health and our future.

It seems that some people, however, don’t fully make the connections between their everyday actions and the way their body looks and feels. I believe that in some cases this is the result of not experiencing serious physical challenges or health related adversity while growing up. I say this because most people I meet, who experienced problems when they were younger, tend to have a higher level of body awareness and pay more attention to how their behaviors (nutrition, exercise, stretching, etc.) affect the way they feel.

Athletes also have a high level of body awareness, because so much of what they do involves making very specific or controlled movements with their muscles, but they still may not necessarily make the connections between their actions and their health. For example, many overweight people are former athletes who gained weight simply because they stopped being active. It is not uncommon for these people to blame their weight gain on aging or complain that their metabolism is the problem.

However, in many cases, their weight gain is not simply due to aging or a sluggish metabolism, but rather changes they made in their lifestyle. Most notably, when people stop participating in sports, or stop being active altogether, they don’t realize that they need to make changes in the way they eat. Many competitive athletes burn 500 to 1000 calories or more per day through activity. Naturally if a person is burning a lot fewer calories per day, they need to decrease the number of calories they consume, otherwise they will gain a lot of fat.

The reason I bring this up is because this is just one of many scenarios where people inadvertently contribute to their own health decline as a result of not realizing how their actions affect their body. It is human nature not to worry about problems until they come up, but if you really want to be healthy, you have to work to prevent problems from starting in the first place. It takes a lot more time and effort to recover from or reverse a health problem than it does to prevent it.

With the above example of former athletes gaining weight, I wonder how many cases of obesity could be prevented if these athletes were educated about how to change their eating habits as they transition from a life of sports to working at a typical sedentary full-time job. Even though people most likely realize that nutrition and activity (things they control) have a huge influence on their body, once their behaviors change and they start gaining weight, they frequently look towards their age or genetics (things they can’t control) as the source of their problems.

It is not until people learn to make the connections between their daily choices and the way they look and feel; that they will realize how much control they really do have over their health and fitness. Unfortunately this is much easier said than done, because it is also human nature to find ways to accept, make sense of, or rationalize their health problems instead of looking for causes or solutions for them. It is also common for people to talk themselves into believing they don’t have a problem, which means there is no chance they will work to improve their situation.

I do realize that many health problems can be overwhelming and they are often very unpleasant to deal with, but doing nothing or ignoring them is never a good solution and you should always try to find out if there is anything you can do to improve your situation. Many health issues are very challenging to deal with and it is certainly easier to ignore them, but I believe that looking for solutions and putting forth the effort to improve your health is always worth the effort.

The Decision Tree: Taking Control of Your Health in the New Era of Personalized Medicine is written by Thomas Goetz and you can find out more information at:

Ross Harrison, CSCS, NSCA-CPT is a certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, nutritional consultant, and has a BA in psychology from Grinnell College. He takes a holistic approach to health and fitness and teaches people how to lose weight, get in shape, and improve their quality of life with exercise and nutrition. If you want to find out more about his services or contact him for any reason, please visit

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Natural Health Remedy For Better Living

Natural health remedy actually holds a simple and effective solution to improving health. No matter how well people have built their professional work credentials, those people still know very little about how the human body works. Many are unsure about the links between their health and certain diseases, which is why they are easily panicked by the diagnosis of certain diseases and are always obedient to doctor’s instructions regarding the treatment. But with a little diligence digging up information about available options for both orthodox and alternative treatments, they can start building their own understanding of their health conditions. Armed with this information, they might be more confident in trying out a natural health remedy and treatment solution.


With conventional medical treatments, many principles and methods are in contradiction as new discoveries and results of relevant research emerge. On the other hand, Western medicine is now recognizing the real benefits of drug-free natural health remedies. Medicine is now recognizing the impact of natural healing methods to diseases and overall well-being. Today, these remedies are used alongside conventional medical treatment as an adjunctive or complementary form of therapy. This only shows that natural health remedies can intercede and help people recover from their illnesses and achieve better health.

Regarding natural health and remedies

When conventional medical treatment fails to deliver its promised benefits, most people turn to alternative treatments to find solutions to their health problems. Natural health remedy is arguably the simplest among the available options of alternative treatment. This system of self-care basically involves the restoration of wellness and health using medicinal plants, diet, nutrient supplements and healthy lifestyle habits. With absolutely no form of drugs used, this treatment option appeals to the natural recuperative powers of the human body, restoring normal organ system functions and stimulating and strengthening the immune system to initiate natural healing processes. This way, it also builds stronger defenses for the body to fight the harmful effects of pathogens, diseases and other health-threatening elements.

Natural health practices

Natural health practitioners believe that through certain restrictive practices, the body can regain its control over diseases and health. Such practices include naturopathy, hygienic practices, herbalism, support of self-care sources like books, e-books and journals, healthy dieting and vitamin and nutrient supplements. These therapeutic and preventive health care practices oppose the continued reliance on professional caregivers and standard medical practices to achieve self-sufficiency in managing health and diseases.

How it works

It takes a long time for the human body to succumb to diseases and break down. Similarly, it takes time for healing to occur. natural health remedy practices believes the principle that the body must be viewed as a whole and that healing will only be achieved with a holistic approach to treatment. In believing that health is directly linked to the inter-relations of organ functions, it uses multiple strategies to promote health from the smallest cells to the whole body systems. This is the way to achieve a synergistic healing effect. This explains why natural health remedies tend to deliver more permanent health benefits than just delivering relief to diseases.

Impact of natural remedies on conventional medical treatments

Natural health remedy is seen as a solid and safe solution to achieving better health. It helps cure and prevent common diseases without the risks of side-effects, which can threaten health. Today, the well documented and scientifically proven effective remedies of natural and holistic healing approaches are slowly replacing commonly prescribed drugs.

Want to find out more about natural remedies [], then visit Elaine Schulstad’s site on how to choose the best natural health remedy [] for your needs.

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Health Coach Training For a Healthier Life

Health Coaching… getting your wellness coach certification… is one of the fastest growing income opportunities both online and offline today. And here’s why:

When you look around, what do you see. The majority of us are addicted to fast foods. On a recent trip to my sisters place, a 7 hour journey, we counted 178 Fast Food outlets along the highway.

I heard a statistic recently that claimed that 3 out of 4 people in the USA are either pre-diabetic or close to it. Obesity is rampant. Even childhood obesity is rampant. Our food choices are often high fat and highly unhealthy. We are literally digging our graves with our teeth. Health care costs are skyrocketing. People NEED good information about their health, and with a certification in health coaching, you can provide that to them!

Look around at your own family, friends or people you work with. People in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s are beginning to pay a serious price with illness and a compromised lifestyle. And these are people you know and care about. Have you ever thought that YOU can actually help these folks?

Well, by becoming a certified health coach… you can!

Health Coaching is one way we can reverse this trend. People helping people at the grass roots level, one bad habit, one step at a time. People can be empowered to make better choices and have better health without having to get sick first. That is exactly what health coach training enables people to do for others.

Health Coach Training–The Difference Maker

Here are 5 key reasons why people choose health coaching as an income generator for themselves.

1. Health Coaching makes a difference in peoples lives.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to help someone you know or cared about, make a significant permanent change in their life. How gratifying would that be. You now have a job that changes people’s lives and you get to do that on a day to day basis.

2.Health Coaching — Change Your Financial Picture

People choose health coaching as a way to significantly improve upon their financial situation. The average rate for a session ranges from $120/hr to $190/hr. A 10 hr week would generate an extra 5 to $6,000 a month income, an amount that would make a huge difference in most people’s lives. You can see how you could easily build this into a six figure income for yourself.

3.Health Coaching — A Transitional Career Choice

Many people will fit those 10 hours into their existing careers or jobs. People already in the health profession often see health coaching as an easy fit with their current training and job. They can offer it as additional service to their existing clientele or build a part time caseload and earn extra income. Some use it as a transition from what they are doing now to a full time career that is more lucrative and rewarding. Many health care jobs are high stress, routine with mediocre pay and no job security.

4. Health Coaching– The Road to Security and Freedom

Perhaps just as exciting for people than the potential six figure income is to be able to have control over their own lives. One of the things that causes people great stress and unhappiness is having to go to work even if you or your children are not well to a job that brings you very little self satisfaction and a pay level which dictates their lifestyle, week after week, month after month, year after year. Health coaching can change that for you. You get to choose. You can have control over how many hours you work, who you work with, when you go on vacation, for how long. You can schedule your appointments around important family events. You can put your health and the health of your family first. You get your life back.

5. Get Started and Get Going – Get Your Wellness Coach Certification

A major reason people choose health coaching is that it is easy to learn to do. Attend classes online, on your computer and every facet of starting a business will be taught to you. This is something most people can do if they have the interest and are motivated to take control of their own lives. If you enjoy working with people and have at least average communication skills, the rest you will learn over the course of several months. And you can earn as you learn. You will be supervised every step of the way as you begin your health coaching business.

So check this out for yourself. It could be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

I’ve created a series of great videos that delve further into the subject of getting your health coach certification. Visit my website at: [].

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The Nation’s Health

The Nations health has been a top priority for the current administration. How health care reform will affect the nations health remains to be seen. However, as far as health goes (vs. cost), it should prove positive. It is widely known that increased checkups allow for early detection of disease. Thereby increasing the success rate of treatments prescribed.

Statistics show that the percentages of adults receiving preventative services in the areas of cholesterol screening, hypertension screening, Pap test and mammograms are higher overall for individuals with health insurance vs. individuals without health insurance. Studies also revealed that uninsured individuals are more likely to be diagnosed with late stage cancer, are more likely to be hospitalized for avoidable conditions (Ex. Diabetes, Malignant hypertension, Pneumonia and bleeding ulcer) and most notably have a mortality rate that is worse than that of individuals who have health insurance. In a previous article (hospital cost among the insured vs. uninsured) it was revealed that individuals who have no health insurance might be charged 2 to 5 times more than individuals who have health insurance. Also, individuals who are insured have the insurance company on their side in order to negotiate better rates for services provided. When individuals without insurance receive services from a hospital, there is no advocate for the individual. Therefore, he must negotiate his or her own bill. Needless to say, there are few individuals versed enough to negotiate their own hospital bill. Many times, the end result is individuals filing bankruptcy due to unpaid medical bills. A 2009 American journal of medicine study revealed that sixty two percent of 2007 bankruptcies were due to unpaid medical bills. To complicate matters more, over sixty percent of those individuals did have medical insurance! Further research revealed that even though some individuals were insured, they lacked adequate coverage to pay for their specific ailment.

Health care reform legislation will make it mandatory for all Americans to have health insurance and impose tax penalties on individuals who choose not to be insured. Therefore, it would stand to reason that by the full implementation of health care reform (2014), we would see an increased percentage of individuals who receive preventative care services. Therefore, realizing a decrease in individuals being hospitalized for avoidable conditions. We should also see more congruency in the charges that hospitals levy against individuals.

What does it all cost? The cost is the unknown factor. Health care reform will make insurance available for all, including individuals with pre-existing conditions. However, health care reform focuses little in regard to the cost that insurers may assign due to their additional risk. Currently, an insurer may rate up or in many cases flat deny an individual for coverage if he or she has a pre-existing condition. Reasons for denial are inevitably due to the fact that the insurer is more likely to have to pay large medical bills associated with the health risk of the individual. Though health care will be available for all, it is still undetermined whether all will be able to pay for it. Unemployment continues to be at the forefront of our nation’s concerns. As long as unemployment is an issue, there will be many who simply cannot afford to pay for their own health care. Ultimately, it may cost taxpayers to cover those who cannot afford to cover themselves. Although the Nations health picture looks promising, we may pay a higher price in order to “insure” that promising future. For more information regarding the Nations health, health care reform or hospital cost among the insured vs. the uninsured visit the Texas low cost health insurance website and search the nations health resources.

The Nations health resources []

The Nations health []

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